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It´s a feedback thing!

It´s time to wake up…

We are living in a vibrational universe and there is a pattern behind everything.

We are being spoken to all the time in the language of frequencies.

Enter the rabbit hole

The gist of this blog

Decoding and encoding of reality

Maybe Matrix is more than just an epic movie. Exploring of holographic and simulation theories. Diving into cognitive science.

Finding patterns

There is a beauty in nature, maths, logics, music, truth, creative expression. Observation of ourselves and the world allows us to make connections and understand systems.

Healing of nervous system

Everything is interconnected. Understanding and healing of our nervous systems is key to optimal functioning.

Reconnecting with nature

Universe is alive and intelligent. Reconnecting with nature helps us to harmonise our internal systems. As within so without – inner balance translates into healthier impact on our world.

Love frequency

Love is not just an emotion. It is a state of being. We can operate from a more optimal state when our brains and hearts are coherent.

Maximising freedom

I am a free sovereign being and I wish that upon everyone. Nothing brings me greater joy than being able to do what I feel like, move and express myself freely. I believe we are here to experience, learn, expand and create.

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